873. Living Congruently

Sometimes it happens, someone I know pretty well, or even not very well, has somehow never been enlightened to the fact I’m a vegan. The response is a bit satisfying though – no, not the protein response, something else.

 The conversation might sound like this:

“You’re a vegan?” as if surprised because I don’t fit the antiquated stereotype of a vegan.  But then, almost in the same breath, they say “Of course you are.”

 Yes, of course I am. It’s good for me to know that I live my word in the world. Walk the walk. Practice what I preach etc. People can see by my actions that I do have love, compassion, and respect for animals, for all life, and strive to live that way in all areas of my life.

 Then sometimes I come across a person who exclaims “I love animals too!” and I say “Oh, you’re a vegetarian?!” to which I receive a puzzled “No”.

 So then I must assume they mean they love pets, because why would you put your loved ones through extreme torture and torment just to end up on your plate?


 Live Your Truth.   It’s that easy.

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