872. Keeping my fellow human safe.

It doesn’t matter if you love or hate animals, some jobs are just dangerous.  The slaughterhouse, or meat-packing industry, is one of the most dangerous jobs around.

Dangerous to the physical body – nearly one third of employees in the meat-packing industry are injured, or killed.  The industry leaders may tell you injury rates improved lately,  but there are two reasons for that – repetitive use injuries are no longer counted, and injured employees are quite often fired or moved to less-desirable work so they just work through the pain and injury and it goes unreported.

And look at how much food is wasted everyday.  Every piece of hamburger or hot dog that goes straight into the garbage; a cut of steak sitting in the fridge a little too long; questionable chicken salad from the deli – all of it started its journey to the garbage by an underpaid, overworked fellow human being who was literally putting their life at risk. For what?

Dangerous to the mental body –  how many times can you shoot a living being in the head without getting a little disturbed?  How many squeals of pain or fear can you hear? Wouldn’t it seem this kind of job might take it’s toll on you?  It does, on everyone, in one way or another.  You can ponder the possibilities.

And the job just gets more dangerous all the time. Right now they want to increase the chicken conveyor belt more than threefold. Read the article, sign the petition, it’s not only about chickens, its about your fellow man.


Grateful in helping with others safety.

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