875. Grateful for the Thoughts of a Chicken

Surrounded by animal lovers in an animal communication workshop (aka – pet psychic), I thought the students would know all animals share thoughts and feelings like their beloved horses and dogs.  After a cow being referred to as a ‘big mound of flesh” I discovered I was wrong, and have work to do.

Limited in my time with these specific people, I brought in a photo of my chicken to  be “read” by a participant.  What a joy she was!  She gave a lot of insight to the group in her thoughts and even in being a “revenge pooper”, and when I referred to her as a ‘good chicken’ they commented they’d never heard THAT before.

I know now I have work to do globally, to let the world know what cows, pigs and overlooked animals that are assumed to lack thoughts or feelings.

Thank you Cookie, you are a good chicken despite the poop issue!

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