877. Grateful to be Minus the Mucus

I contracted a small head cold the other day, at least that’s what I thought I had.  I’m fortunate to have a chiropractor that’s not a back-cracker but holistic healer.  When I asked if he’d work on my cold I was just developing he instead tested me for allergens.  Most people don’t really  have viral colds, they told me, but allergic reactions.  Very quickly they found I was having a reaction to milk.

Milk?  But I’m a vegan!

I did knowingly, though truly accidentally, have dairy that week when I poured my salad dressing and discovered it had milk in it.  I decided to go ahead and use it since I’d already contaminated my food with it.  That and I suspect a rice-milk latte I had was not rice-milk after all.

You’ve undoubtedly heard that milk causes mucus and phlegm.  I can’t find any conclusive scientific evidence of this, but casein – the main protein in milk- is used for wood glue and probably holds your beer bottle label on.  A little sticky wouldn’t you say?  Draw your own conclusion.

Back to me – so I’d not had dairy in a long time and had rid my body of all the excess mucus, so much so that having it set off a viral-like cold reaction.  Within days my head was clear again.  A little  unlike the 2 week  run of the average cold, yes?

I am grateful my body can breathe easy being clear of the mucus and phlegm built up in defense of eating diary.