874. Grateful for a Vegan Food Swap!

Yes, so grateful to be part of a vegan food swap! A what?  Cat from http://www.theverdantlife.com/ has organized any willing vegan blogger to swap a package of food with other vegan bloggers.  It’s a great idea, and of course the food is even better.

So when my packaged arrived it felt a bit like my birthday! In fact, I think it was very close to my vegan birthday.

Molly from http://veganprincessinanomnikingdom.wordpress.com/ provided a box full of goodies for me to explore.

The first thing out of the box- a “vegan princess” pin that I LOVE!  Then on to the Vegg (yes!), Chreese package, Buccaneer bar and Trader Joes Cookie Butter.  The only one of these I had tried before was my favorite will-drive-out-of-the-way for Buccaneer bar, so creamy and way better than a 3 Musketeers!  The cookie butter is delicious – a little bit almond butter with gingerbread cinnamon cookies mashed in.  Hard to describe but great straight out of the jar!   The chreese made a great mac and cheese, and the Vegg- well I’ve been saving it for company, so still anxiously waiting that one.


Thank you Molly!  And looking forward to another month to try new foods.

If you’d like to participate in the coming months please sign up!  http://www.theverdantlife.com/p/vegan-food-swap.html


875. Grateful for the Thoughts of a Chicken

Surrounded by animal lovers in an animal communication workshop (aka – pet psychic), I thought the students would know all animals share thoughts and feelings like their beloved horses and dogs.  After a cow being referred to as a ‘big mound of flesh” I discovered I was wrong, and have work to do.

Limited in my time with these specific people, I brought in a photo of my chicken to  be “read” by a participant.  What a joy she was!  She gave a lot of insight to the group in her thoughts and even in being a “revenge pooper”, and when I referred to her as a ‘good chicken’ they commented they’d never heard THAT before.

I know now I have work to do globally, to let the world know what cows, pigs and overlooked animals that are assumed to lack thoughts or feelings.

Thank you Cookie, you are a good chicken despite the poop issue!

878. Minimizing My Water Impact on the World

On a rainy day in Seattle it’s hard to imagine there is any kind of water crisis anywhere. Not so far away in California or Nevada the residents might have a small feel of it.  But it gets much worse than that.

While over 70% of the earth is water, only 1% of it might be fit for human consumption.  Sure, there are treatments for some of this water  but they aren’t cheap or readily available to those most affected by the water crisis.  Bad water kills more than 3.5 million people annually – that’s roughly the population of the USA !  Imagine the entire US population being wiped out every year.

How does being vegan help?  It takes approximately 8 times as much water to grow feed and water cattle for just 1 (ONE) hamburger than for 1 veggie burger.  That amounts to 3000 gallons clean water for just ONE MEAL!    Imagine eating vegan once a week – what a difference that makes over the year, or 3 meals a day – 3.27 million gallons of water saved per year.

Yes, I’m grateful to be minimizing my impact, and so are the children who suffer the most from bad water.

Find out more: http://www.waterfootprint.org/?page=files/home

880. Learning to Appreciate Dark Chocolate S'mores


Some of these posts might give the impression that I didn’t explore or try much before going vegan, which really isn’t true.  But in some parts of my life  there just wasn’t the inspiration to do anything different.

S’mores was one those “no need to change” areas for me.  I wasn’t a big fan of dark chocolate before, so why change?

Now, however, going camping with my Dandies, non-honey graham crackers and dark chocolate bars yields a mouthwatering treat every night.  The Dandies marshmallow melts  just enough to inject a burst of sweet lovely gooeyness right into the bittersweet chocolate. 

It really is quite good!  And now I know, dark chocolate is good too 🙂

Dark Chocolate S'mores

Dark Chocolate S'mores

885. Eating alone in a restaurant surrounded by friends.

I travel a lot for my job, and aside from my clients I usually don’t know anyone in the town I’m in.

I naturally seek out vegan restaurants so I don’t have to worry about what I’m eating.  But the another benefit of eating in a vegan restaurant is knowing the other diners in there share something in common with me.

Now, maybe “friends” is a little strong, and we might have different reasons for eating vegan, but we do eat that way.  And that small fact ties us together.  It’s always easy to talk to the other diners in a vegan restaurant, and  for them I’m thankful.

886. Turning globs of brown goo into yummy "Chinese BBQ Pork"!

There are a few foods I’ve been looking for since my decision to leave animals out of my diet, and chinese bbq pork is one.  I”m sure it’s out there somewhere but I haven’t found it yet.

But that’s okay, because I really love to experiment in the kitchen now! I’ve never cooked so much and loved it. It’s very gratifiying to make delicious meals out of foods I would never have tried on my old “diet”, and I think that’s a shame because I know many people get stuck in their diets just like I did.

While I have a ways to go, I shop much more comfortably and easily in the asian stores now, in the natural foods departments, and even in produce it’s not just lettuce and bananas.

And when I can make my craving – all is right with the world 🙂

BBQ Prk and Hot Mustard!

Reason 888. I can sleep at night knowing no animals were harmed in the making of me.

888.  I can sleep at night knowing no animals were harmed in the making of me.

I became a vegetarian because I didn’t want the blood of any living being on my hands when I die. I then became vegan when I discovered that thousands of precious baby cows are left to die or bred for veal as a result of eating dairy.  It’s a very

I have no right to take anothers life if it’s unnecessary, and in this day and age it’s so not necessary.  In fact it’s healthier and better for everyone, including Mother Earth, to not raise animals for the sole purpose of then being tortured and put to death so a selfish human can eat it.  Just because a human CAN do something does not mean they should.