879. Discovering New Forms of Lasagna

In my previous mind, the first requirement of lasagna was lots of stretchy cheese, 3 layers thick.  When I made the vegan commitment I decided I would never even try to duplicate lasagna, especially after trying many vegan cheeses.

I know, some of those cheeses are supposed to be so wonderful –  tasty and even melty!  But not for me – nope, I don’t think so. I know plenty of people that like them, I just haven’t developed a liking to them.  And so I’ve been happy to not have cheese, for there is a lot of great food to eat without cheese and I really don’t miss it.  But this isn’t about cheese, it’s about lasagna.

A walk into Real Food Daily in West Hollywood changed my lasagnaless mind.  I was hesitant, very hesitant, but it was the special of the month and the server said it was very popular. Why not?

To my delight, great lasagna does NOT require cheese!  Sure, there was some kind of soy “cheese” product they make that was a little like ricotta, but that was the only cheese resemblance.  I found layers of carrots, mushrooms, pasta, and other miscellaneous vegetables spilling onto my plate bite after bite.  It was all delicious and so worth the risk!

And so I thank you, veganism, for again opening my mind to try new, delicious foods and discover not all meals need to come from the same cookie cutter.

Lasagna at Real Food Daily