877. Grateful to be Minus the Mucus

I contracted a small head cold the other day, at least that’s what I thought I had.  I’m fortunate to have a chiropractor that’s not a back-cracker but holistic healer.  When I asked if he’d work on my cold I was just developing he instead tested me for allergens.  Most people don’t really  have viral colds, they told me, but allergic reactions.  Very quickly they found I was having a reaction to milk.

Milk?  But I’m a vegan!

I did knowingly, though truly accidentally, have dairy that week when I poured my salad dressing and discovered it had milk in it.  I decided to go ahead and use it since I’d already contaminated my food with it.  That and I suspect a rice-milk latte I had was not rice-milk after all.

You’ve undoubtedly heard that milk causes mucus and phlegm.  I can’t find any conclusive scientific evidence of this, but casein – the main protein in milk- is used for wood glue and probably holds your beer bottle label on.  A little sticky wouldn’t you say?  Draw your own conclusion.

Back to me – so I’d not had dairy in a long time and had rid my body of all the excess mucus, so much so that having it set off a viral-like cold reaction.  Within days my head was clear again.  A little  unlike the 2 week  run of the average cold, yes?

I am grateful my body can breathe easy being clear of the mucus and phlegm built up in defense of eating diary.


882. Standing in solidarity with Blake and all dairy victims.

Male calves born to mothers in the dairy industry have little hope for a good life. Very little. They are ripped away from their mothers at birth and taken away amid their mother’s cries for them.  If they receive any food it is simply to get them through until auction at which time they might sell for $2 or $3 to a farmer that will raise them for veal or low-quality beef.

Of course they might just die right there on the farm.

Little Blake is an individual that has every right to live a life without humans causing him pain and suffering.

I know that every day I choose no milk, butter, cheese – because it “tastes good and I love it” – I stand with these precious beings. 

Because they deserve a better life.